Teresa Miner

As a consummate student, Teresa is in a constant state of becoming and as such, she believes in the transformational process that resides within all of us. In addition to her bead creations, and workshops, she is a yoga instructor who obtained her 200 hr and 100 hour certifications through Yoga World Reach.  Teresa has attained BA in English and Religion respectively. Through her many paths, Teresa discovered the undertone to her purpose has always been, how can I help, what can I learn and how can I teach it?

Teresa Miner instructs the following:
  • Yin Yang Yoga

  • Yin Yoga
  • Slow-paced yoga with poses held for comparatively long periods of time. This class is targeted to stretch fascia, the body's connective tissue.

  • Hot Vinyasa Yoga
  • Practiced in a room heated between 95° and 105° F, this vinyasa class is focused on alignment and strengthening postures.
    This is not a beginners class, please speak with a staff member before attending. Please come hydrated and bring your own hand towel.

  • Yoga Basics
  • This class is designed to lay the foundation for a solid yoga practice. Learn basic yoga postures that emphasize range of motion, flexibility, and safe alignment for your body. This is a casual environment to learn and ask questions about the practice and is open to all levels from beginners to those looking to refine and deepen their practice.

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Vinyasa flow classes focus on connecting breath with movement. Each class begins with breath work or pranayama. From the foundation of a strong breath, we will move through a thoughtfully sequenced series of postures or asanas to produce more strength, flexibility, and well-being.

  • All Levels
  • All levels yoga offers students the opportunity to practice in a multi-level setting. The instructor will offer variations so that students may choose the level of difficulty of depth most appropriate for themselves. An eclectic yoga class, the teacher will sometimes lead a flow style vinyasa (linking movement with breath), other times there will be hatha (the yoga of opposing forces), or yin (more passive poses targeted at stretching the body's connective tissue). Postures are performed mindfully with an emphasis on proper posturing, relaxation, and breathing.