Yoga Teacher Training
We offer 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Already certified? Become a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with our RYT 300-hour program. Visit Workshops Page for Continuing Education training. 
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$49 First Month Unlimited. Purchase when you attend your first class. fIRST CLASS IS FReE!
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Upcoming Events

Thursday, Nov. 2nd
w/ Prem & Nan
7-8PM / Studio 1
first Thursday of each month

Sunday, Oct. 29th
w/ Sheila Palmquist
1-4PM / Studio 1
Certification and Training Manual Included

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Thursday, Nov. 9th
w/ Mahak, owner of Suji
7-8PM / Studio 4
second Thursday of each month

Saturday, Nov. 4th
w/ Amy S.
2-3:30PM / Studio 3
first Saturday of each month
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Saturday,  Nov. 4th
w/ Cathy Pompeo
7-8:30pm / Studio 1
first Saturday of each month
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Registration Now Open!
Session 1: Oct. 2-Nov. 8
Mondays 4:15-5:15PM
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Sunday, Nov. 26th
w/ Courteney & Sheila
11AM-2PM / Studio 1
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Teacher Training

Take 5 Certification

with Sheila Palmquist
Sunday, October 29th
1-4PM / Studio 1 / $89
Developed and taught by Sheila Palmquist, TAKE 5 was designed to help students, teachers, and parents learn to self-regulate and navigate the demands of our ever-changing environment. This comprehensive program enables us all to better understand and take control of violence and aggression. This program includes three hours of training. Curriculum manual included. 

TAKE 5 partners with Lincoln Parks & Recreation and select elementary schools to promote yoga and mindfulness to young children.


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Take 5 featured in Yoga International - Click Here to Read

"Acting on its mission “to address and manage behavior issues that lead to childhood obesity, stress, self-abuse, bullying, and violent behavior of all kinds,” the program is designed to be easy to learn and to complement any behavior modification systems already in place. The heart of the program is simple: teach kids to project, rather than suppress, their emotions, and teach them to express these emotions in healthy and efficient ways."

TAKE 5 Program has a new site! Join our next gathering on October 29th 1-4pm.

TAKE 5 Program has a new site! Visit to learn more about this research-based program which brings awareness to the social-emotional health of young children in schools and throughout the community! Next upcoming certification course October 29th 1-4pm at Lincoln Yoga Center. We welcome educators, parents, community leaders, and anyone interested in guiding youth to join us for our next certification course. View to learn more.


Teacher Training Students to study with Nischala Devi this month!

Nischala Joy Devi will teach our 300-hour Teacher Training Students this month! We prepare to go on a deep journey into the impact of the heart on yoga as we study with this highly-accredited master teacher and healer. See Nischala Devi's biography below. We wish our students well as they head forward into this educational and enlightening experience.

This Week: Free Indian Food Cooking Demonstration

Free Event: Chicken Madras is this month's recipe. This Thursday, October 12th from 7-8PM we host an Indian Food Cooking Demonstration with Mahak, owner of Suji. Please join us for this free monthly event. Pre-register online or simply arrive to Studio 4 at 7:00pm. We look forward to sharing a fun evening with you.

Restorative Certification Course: Oct. 7 & 8

A 16 hour weekend of Restorative Teacher Certification. Learn the fundamentals such as propping, poses, relaxation, and aromatherapy. Open to all (not limited to yoga teachers). This Certification is honored by Yoga Alliance, and Lincoln Yoga Center is a 300-hour and 200-hour Registered Yoga School.

Recover from the Holidaze with Yoga

This is your year for it to “click,” and stick! How? By adding Yoga to your wellness plan for 2012. Practicing Yoga is an excellent way to be proactive concerning your overall health and wellbeing. Exercise should be viewed as a reward for the body not a punishment. I invite you to change your perspective. The real challenge comes with changing the mind and relationships (emotional connection). The physical benefits will come, and last if we do the work from the inside out, though a practice you enjoy.

Journey to the Center

Remember your first lesson on balance? I do. It was on the teeter totter, when someone bigger than me on the other end launched me like a rocket into the air. Only to learn the next time how it feels when someone jumps off the other end and your spine seems to move through your head when you hit the ground.

The Beauty of Yoga

When we get dressed for the day we chose our clothes to balance the external elements and balance our internal comfort. Yoga is practiced in much the same way, with attention and intention.

Fitness Fumble?

Struggling to keep your wellness routine from falling apart as the weather changes? You’re not alone. As the season changes and the temperatures drop the instinct to hibernate and put on layers returns. I invite you to go with the flow of nature and change your routine during each seasonal change. This will keep you motivated and looking forward to finding new ways to continue on your path of health and wellness. After all, what we resist persist so embrace a new pattern. When we get comfortable it’s time to change it up. This is how we become resilient.

Helping your Teen

Helping your Teen Manage Stress and Perform Their Best. Teenagers, like adults, experience stress everyday and can benefit from learning stress management skills. When teens become overloaded with stress it can lead to anxiety, withdrawal, aggression, depression, physical illness, or poor coping skills such as drug and/or alcohol use.

Yoga for Health Assurance

The only way to insure your health is to find a balance that keeps your body, mind and spirit at peace and working together. The current research proving the healing power of yoga is making many western physicians add yoga and meditation to their list of complimentary therapies. I have seen many of my students experience the benefits of proper breathing to combat stress and anxiety. Moving the body in gentle ways to relieve pain or let go of the sense that the body has betrayed them. When going through cancer treatment, living with chronic pain or heart disease your mind and spirit are some of the defining factors of your recovery. Learn about yoga for health assurance, find some tips for overcoming stress, and stay up to day for our business spotlight. Click the title to read the full article!