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Lincoln Yoga Center was founded in 2010 by Sheila Palmquist, E-RYT500, RPYT, RCYT. Since it’s inception, The Center has grown to four studios and a host of community yoga programs, including yoga in the schools and teacher training programs.


Our mission is to light the path as others begin their journey into yoga. With the understanding that we are all different, and have the opportunity to start anew every day, we offer a variety of yoga classes to suit all levels and abilities, from balance and flexibility for foundational security, to Intermediate/Advanced for a playful challenge.


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Founder and Director of Lincoln Yoga Center and School Sheila Palmquist 
E-RYT500, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP®. LYC opened August 28th 2010. Lincoln Yoga Center offers 200 Hour Yoga Certification. Take 5 Certification (Behavior program for children). Over 40 group classes per week, for all ages and abilities. We have private and semi private sessions available for expecting mothers, athletes wishing to improve performance and focus, stress reduction, injury recovery, chronic illness, pain management, children, teens, seniors, etc. Everyone can practice yoga, and benefit from the effects. My introduction to yoga began in 2000, while living in Loveland, CO. I had an injury that kept me from my workouts of weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise, so I tried yoga. I have been a student ever since. My yoga practice became a way to maintain a healthy balance of my mind, body and spirit. I started my yoga training in 2002 after my second child was born, gave up my stress filled corporate job and started teaching yoga to kids. In 2004 my family and I returned to Lincoln. Although we loved CO, even good weather and beautiful mountains don’t compare to having your friends and family close by. My yoga journey in Lincoln has taken me too many gyms, schools, businesses, and wellness centers. I have met many wonderful people and have grown from each new experience. In 2008 I received my 200 hour certification at the Omaha Yoga & Bodywork Center and my 500 hour certification at the Himalayan Institute in PA. My approach to yoga is always based on what is best for the student. I do not believe in forceful practices, if you do not enjoy something you won’t and shouldn’t continue to do it. We are all unique, no one should try to copy someone else’s posture or practice, find yours. Our bodies and minds react differently to stress, we do not perceive or process things the same way. There is a formula for a healthy balance that is unique for all of us. I love working with a student and watching them have the, “I get it”, moment as most teachers know, we live for those moments. Some students find awareness through moving the body, (postures) others though the mind, (meditation) generally it is a combination of practices. The breath is the most important component. Take three deep, slow breaths (so the abdomen moves) right now ….notice what the affect is on the mind and body. At Lincoln Yoga Center we will help you find your center in a non-competitive, non-judgmental way.We welcome you and your questions.Visit www.Take5Program.com. Please visit our web site at
www.LincolnYogaCenter.com, email: LincolnYogaCenter@gmail.com, call (402)570-1114, or stop by 2127 Winthrop Rd. (across from Leon’s Food Mart).
The first yoga class I took was fifteen or so years ago. I wasn’t sure at that point what to think about yoga. Over the years, I continued to practice at different studios and in 2013, decided to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and take the 200 hr. teacher training at Lincoln Yoga Center. This is when I realized yoga was more to me than just a form of exercise. I delight in sharing my knowledge with friends, family and anyone interested in learning more about this ancient practice. My journey continues as I apply all aspects of yoga to my everyday life.
My yoga journey started in 1999 when I went with a dear friend to a class in the basement of a community center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although it wasn’t love at first asana, about two months into practicing I had an experience that led me to believe there was more to yoga than a good workout. From that time on I pursued yoga with a passion which grows with time. I love the way a good asana practice makes my body feel, and in my classes my intention is to help students feel good in their bodies. I draw on the many styles of yoga that I have practiced over the years including Iyengar, Ashtanga, vinyasa, power, Kundalini, and Forest. In addition, I incorporate into classes the other limbs of yoga and Ayurvedic principles to provide a holistic experience and empower people to live in harmony with the subtle energies that surround and influence us.
I started practicing yoga after my second child was born. Asana practice embodied so many of the thoughts and feelings that early parenthood brought up in me and was incredibly reassuring. As a new parent I was learning and living the first two limbs of yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas which form the structure of practice on and off the mat. These qualities will always guide my teaching: non-harming, truthfulness, purity, non-grasping, contentment, learning through self-experience and a devotion to the divine in all beings.

I have been a childbirth educator since 1999, and took my first yoga training and started teaching pre and postnatal yoga in 2005. I took another training in 2008 with Yogrishi Vishvketu and continued to teach and to lead teacher trainings in pre and postnatal.

Find out more about Amy at www.amybidrman.com

Ella has been practicing Yoga for 10 years. Originally from Nebraska, Ella studied Classical Dance in New York City at NYU and Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. Through her time at Omega Institute and Kripalu, as well as her own practice at Modo Yoga, Jivamukti, Pure Yoga, Laughing Lotus, Om Factory, Strala, and others in New York, Ella has come to understand the importance, beauty, and benefits of Yoga on a global level.
Ella has had the pleasure of traveling the world working with Olympians, celebrities, professional athletes, and public figureheads to better minds and bodies. Ella also works as a business consultant and entrpreneur, and has facilitated the openings of several nationwide studios over the past 8 years. Her works have led her to receive offers from Biggest Loser as a trainer, Workout NY (Bravo) as a fitness professional, and America Ninja Warrior. Although TV was not her desired path, Ella has enjoyed sharing her passions as a wellness pioneer through publications in New York Times, Good Morning America, Vogue, New York Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and more. 
Ella teaches Yoga, Pilates Machine and Mat, Cycling, Barre, and Physical Therapy to all skills levels and ages. In her free time, you can find her playing with her children (Prudence, Hudson, and stepson Will) or cheering on the Southeast Varsity Tennis teams alongside her husband and coach Chris.