Teresa Miner

As a consummate student, Teresa is in a constant state of becoming and as such, she believes in the transformational process that resides within all of us. In addition to her bead creations, and workshops, she is a yoga instructor who obtained her 200 hr and 100 hour certifications through Yoga World Reach.  Teresa has attained BA in English and Religion respectively. Through her many paths, Teresa discovered the undertone to her purpose has always been, how can I help, what can I learn and how can I teach it?

Teresa Miner instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga
  • Slow-paced yoga with poses held for comparatively long periods of time. This class is targeted to stretch fascia, the body's connective tissue.

  • Stretch & Strengthen
  • This all levels class in designed to stretch and strengthen the body gradually. We will utilize gentle yoga stretches combined with a slower vinyasa style flow, to give you time to explore deeper stretch in each posture, while you build proper alignment. We will also explore props and modifications, to help you deepen your understanding of each pose.