Fitness Fumble?

Fitness Fumble? 

By Sheila Palmquist E-RYT, RCYT, RPYT Founder & Director of Lincoln Yoga Center 


Struggling to keep your wellness routine from falling apart as the weather changes? You’re not alone. As the season changes and the temperatures drop the instinct to hibernate and put on layers returns. I invite you to go with the flow of nature and change your routine during each seasonal change. This will keep you motivated and looking forward to finding new ways to continue on your path of health and wellness. After all, what we resist persist so embrace a new pattern. When we get comfortable it’s time to change it up. This is how we become resilient.



Resilience is needed as we start to spend more time indoors. Snuggling and sharing time together is great, but sharing germs and illness is not so appealing. This is one reason why it is important to continue to exercise; it strengthens everything, including your immune system. Keeping energy levels up is important so we do not fall into the sick and tired grove. By learning something new we keep it fun and engaging. Ask health conscious people you know what their favorite form of exercise is. Tag along with a friend to a class or ask a trainer for an out of the box idea”, this is their passion and most are happy to share. Find a climbing wall, dance, swim, learn to play racquet ball, practice yoga. A lot of places offer first class free or a visitor’s pass. Go out on a limb you won’t know until you try. Remember you will get better results by mixing it up. Really try, this way when you do move back to the weights and treadmill it will be like seeing an old friend. Attitude is everything, enter it as an adventure. No competing or judging. Just PLAY! What if Ali had never put on boxing gloves? Or, Forest never ran?



Fall is also a great time to find ways to enjoy your favorite comfort foods prepared in healthier ways. This way going into the holidays, you can share your new and improved recipes with friends and family. If you must have the original version, enjoy it! Get out your best dishes. Eat each bit slowly; think about the taste, texture and ingredients. Allow it to be a very satisfying experience. Then let go of the guilt and return to making better choices most of the time.



Being healthy and well comes down to living a balanced life. Your body may look great, but if you have lost your desire or your head just isn’t in it anymore, you won’t FEEL great and that’s what gives us lasting resilience and a life of substance. Change is good, fall into something new. You just might discover a passion you never knew you had.