Helping your Teen

Helping your Teen Manage Stress and Perform Their Best


Teenagers, like adults, experience stress everyday and can benefit from learning stress management skills. When teens become overloaded with stress it can lead to anxiety, withdrawal, aggression, depression, physical illness, or poor coping skills such as drug and/or alcohol use. Family issues, school demands, changes in their bodies, friend/peer pressure, over scheduling and high expectations can be overwhelming. Teaching teens to develop a "relaxation response” and other stress management skills is imperative. Stress is the leading cause of physical and mental illness is America. And, is causing our teens to kill themselves.



Teens that develop this skill will perform better in school, sports, relationships, and live a happier healthier life. Yoga is an excellent way to self regulate and recognize when there is an imbalance. A well-rounded yoga practice including breath work, physical, and relaxation exercises can improve performance, flexibility, range of motion, internal/external strength and balance, and develop mental focus and concentration. By using these and other techniques, teenagers can begin to manage stress with non- violent solutions as well as being able to navigate through problems instead of feeling defeated by them. Professional, collagiate, and Olympic athletes LeBron, Shaq, Tim Thomas, Andy Murray, the Philadelphia Eagles, the UNL Volley Ball team, Hope Solo, Evelyn (Evie) Stevens, Rebeca Soni, and Rebecca Bross. All include yoga to their training plan to help balance the physical and mental demands placed upon them.



Why not develop your teen athletes "relaxation response, enhance performance and prevent injury by starting a yoga practice today? Teach them to feel good about what they can do, rather than demanding perfection from themselves and others.