Yoga for Health Assurance

Yoga for Health Assurance

By Sheila Palmquist E-RYT, RCYT, RPYT, Founder & Director of Lincoln Yoga Center 


The only way to insure your health is to find a balance that keeps your body, mind and spirit at peace and working together. The current research proving the healing power of yoga is making many western physicians add yoga and meditation to their list of complimentary therapies. I have seen many of my students experience the benefits of proper breathing to combat stress and anxiety. Moving the body in gentle ways to relieve pain or let go of the sense that the body has betrayed them. When going through cancer treatment, living with chronic pain or heart disease your mind and spirit are some of the defining factors of your recovery. We cannot treat one and ignore the other, each affects the other. We are human beings, what is the being part of this factor? Strive for a life of quality, not quantity. It is up to us to be kind to ourselves, our whole selves so we can be whole. Americans maintain their vehicles better than themselves. Why? Because it’s easier, we want to pay someone to do the work for us. For those who say,” I’m not flexible enough, “Yoga is not challenging enough for me.” I invite you to change your perspective. The real challenge comes with changing the mind not the body. The physical benefits will come, and last if we do the work from the inside out. Practicing yoga is an excellent way to be proactive concerning your overall health and wellbeing.



If you control the breath you can gain control of the mind. When we hold our breath the body and mind react with tension. Start to be aware of your breathing when you are under stress. When we take a deep breath the body and mind react with a sense of calm. By breathing diaphragmatically you bring 7x more oxygen into the body per breath! To maintain a good quality of life we must take care of our vehicle (you). Keep moving, a combination of stretching, strengthening, and cardio exercise is necessary. Make modifications that work for your body. Slow down, by holding many of the standing or weight barring yoga postures your body initiates the process of growing new bone. Whether you are recovering from an injury or a seasoned athlete looking to stay injury free and focused there is a practice for you. Everyone’s journey to find a life of balance is as individual as we are. The path may be different but the destination is the same. I invite you to give yoga a try. There are many different styles of yoga to suit all needs. Find a registered instructor and a practice that you like. Keep in mind, yoga is non- judgmental and non-competitive this includes not judging or competing with yourself. Be present; learn to be okay with things as they are, without wishing them different. The difference between illness and wellness is the “I” and the “we” so let’s work together and live consciously. Namaste.


Boundaries are imaginary lines that help you protect yourself both physically and emotionally. They keep other's actions and behaviours from hurting, distracting, annoying, or imposing on you. Boundaries are limits you set on how others can treat you or behave around you. People treat you as you allow them to; however, you can actually teach others how to treat you based on how strong or weak your boundaries are.



Having strong boundaries are important for protecting your body, mind, and spirit. Setting boundaries can make an enormous impact on the quality of your life. It is a major step in taking control of your life and vital for taking responsibility for yourself and your life. It is the one skill that you most need to develop in order to create the kind of life you really want. However, it's often the area where most people seem to have the most difficulties.


Tips for Overcoming Stress
  • Keeping secrets leads to the deception to the self.
  • Do not react out of anger or frustration, loss of temper is a sign of fear.
  • Mistakes are made when we react on impulse.
  • Do the work that fills your heart and head, that is why you are here.
  • Be adaptable, each experience is a chance to learn. 


Business Spotlight

Lincoln Yoga Center, Yoga for Every Body

Sheila Palmquist owner /operator of Lincoln Yoga Center brings more than 10 years experience and holds many yoga certifications, including Children’s and Prenatal training. Centrally located, Lincoln Yoga Center is a beautiful spacious studio with soothing colors and cork flooring throughout. LYC offers classes for athletes, injury recovery, stress reduction, depression/anxiety, pain management, chronic illness, expecting mothers, kids, fall prevention, and weight loss. Contact Sheila for your custom practice or attend any of the weekly group classes. You can even bring your Girl Scout troop to earn your Yoga patch or celebrate your special occasion with a Yoga Party. Check the web site for classes, workshops and trainings www.LincolnYoga Bring your life into balance, start a yoga practice today!