Become a TAKE 5 Certified Teacher today!

Become a Certified TAKE 5 Teacher today!  
(Open to the Public. Educators, wellness professionals, and parents encouraged to attend.)



About the Take 5 Program

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Lincoln Yoga Center research developed program designed to help students, teachers, and parents learn to self-regulate emotions and behavior. TAKE 5 was designed to help students, teachers, and parents learn to self-regulate and navigate the demands of our ever-changing environment. This comprehensive program enables us all to better understand and take control of violence and aggression.

The mission of TAKE 5 is to manage childhood obesity, stress, self-abuse, bullying, and violent behavior of all kinds. TAKE 5 teachers guide youth to:
  • Learn techniques to self-regulate behavior and emotions
  • Develop peace and stillness in the midst of chaos
  • Quiet the mind to become more receptive to learning
  • Build self-awareness
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduce anxiety, depression and anger
  • Manage stress and fight obesity

This comprehensive program enables us all to better understand and take control of violence and aggression. The use of breathing practices, concentration techniques, drawing/journaling, and exercise/movement are the tools we use to bring greater awareness to body, mind, and internal conflict.

TAKE 5 Curriculum:
5 deep breaths or 5 minutes of breath work
5 sets of exercises or 5 minutes of movement
5 minutes of drawing or journaling
5 minutes of concentration or quiet time
5 minutes of contact (talking or touch)
TAKE 5 was developed by Sheila Palmquist, Founder and Director of Lincoln Yoga Center, E-RYT500, RPYT, RCYT. Sheila has 12 years of experience instructing yoga to children and adults. The inspiration for the TAKE 5 program is based on the psychology of yoga and the need for a holistic approach to childhood mental wellness in the public school system.

Certifications available for educators, wellness professionals, mental health practitioners, integrative medicine professionals, therapists, psychologists, parents, social workers, and community leaders.
Register here online now.


Excerpt from Journal Star Article on TAKE 5

"Imagine a school without a timeout room. A school where kids are not banished to the hallway for misbehavior. A world where kids as young as 3 recognize when they need to Take 5 and get in control of their feelings and frustration without disturbing or hurting anyone else. Eleven years ago, Sheila Palmquist, owner of Lincoln Yoga Center and a parent, began to notice how children were sent to the hallway, the office or a special isolation room when they "lost it" at school. She listened as they told her they “were bad,” “stupid” and “hated.  Sheila Palmquist created TAKE 5 -- a yoga course for kids as young as 6. The premise is simple -- teach children yoga-based breathing practices, concentration techniques, exercises/movements and conflict-resolution skills allowing them to quell the inner turmoil in just five minutes. The program was the focus of a study by University of Nebraska-Lincoln on development of children’s cognition and attention, focusing in part on how yoga can improve attention in preschool-age and elementary-age children.Take 5 also is part of Lincoln Parks and Recreation’s summer programming. Last year 800 youth learned the techniques.  Since then, Palmquist has trained teachers, parents, counselors and anyone else interested in the techniques, so they in turn can teach the skills to students. Palmquist also visits schools and kids programs, leading youngsters in yoga lessons for self control, self-awareness and inner calm. Take 5 is based on five 5-minute exercises that allow youth to choose the best way to handle their stress."


 (includes manual and certification)

Lincoln Yoga Center
2127 Winthrop Rd.
Lincoln, NE 68502




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