Class Descriptions 

Class Descriptions

Yoga Teacher Training
Register today! Limited spots available. We offer 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Already certified? Become a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with our 300-hour program. Lincoln Yoga Center is Lincoln's longest running Registered Yoga Alliance School and Studio.
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$49 First Month Unlimited. Purchase when you attend your first class. fIRST CLASS IS FReE!
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Upcoming Events

ree Group Meditation

Thursday,  Feb. 7th   
w/ Prem & Nan
7-8PM / Studio 1
first Thursday of each month


Free Indian Cooking Demonstration
Monday, Feb. 11th 
w/ Mahak Chaudhry of Suji
7–8pm / Studio 1
2nd Mondays of each month


Applying Ayurveda
Thursday, Jan. 24th 
w/ Girijaa Jewel
7-8PM / Studio 2
4th  Thursday of each month


Mantra & Meditation
Thursday, Jan. 17th  
w/ Girijaa Jewel
7-8PM / Studio 2
3rd Thursdays

Kid's Yoga Program

Winter Session: Jan. 28 - March 4
Mondays 4:15-5:00PM
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Class Schedule 

Workshops Schedule

Teacher Training


Kid's Yoga Programs
Winter Session: Little Kids (3-6), Kids (4-8) and Tween/Teen (9-15).  Join our Kids Yoga email list to stay up to date on Kids Camp Days and more!
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Belize Retreat : Feb. 2-10, 2019


Take 5 Certification

with Sheila Palmquist
Tuesday, Feb. 12th  6-9pm & Sunday, April 7th 1-4pm
Studio , 1 / $89

Developed and taught by Sheila Palmquist, TAKE 5 was designed to help students, teachers, and parents learn social-emotional skills and deepen relationships.  Tools are taught to self-regulate and navigate the demands of our ever-changing environment. This comprehensive program enables us all to better understand and take control of violence and aggression. This program includes three hours of training. Curriculum manual included. 

TAKE 5 partners with Lincoln Parks & Recreation and select elementary schools to promote mindfulness to children.


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Gentle Flow is a class designed for all levels of practitioners interested in moving through gentle postures and breathing practices. This class is suitable for beginners, though all students are welcomed to join.
Hot Yoga is held in our heated studio at a temperature of 90-100 degrees. Come practice in this warm, challenging setting. This class is perfect for anyone interested in deepening their practice with a challenging and fun hour-long class.
Meditation and Movement: a class for all levels. 
Applying Ayurveda with Girijaa Jessica Jewell. This class happens once a month, on the 4th Thursday of each month. Donations are accepted.
Energizing, strength-building flow practice that uses a series of linking movements practiced in 90-100° room.
Beginners Yoga is all levels of students who are interested in taking a beginner-level pace and practice. All skill levels welcomed. 
This class is designed for those interested in a more challenging yoga practice. Intermediate modifications are given, though all-levels are welcomed to participate.
The rope wall is fun approach to practicing yoga asana because the ropes allow for students to understand how muscles are used in each pose in a different way than they know from a normal floor practice. This class is a mixture of basic, strengthening, and restorative poses and offers a great introduction to Iyengar-based alignment.
Studio 2 Entrance. Align and Restore is a 75 minute class using props, gravity and breath to align and open the upper back, shoulders, lower back and hips. Safe, intelligent postures practiced slowly and with inquiry teach us how our bodies are meant to move. A wonderful way to release at the end of the day and to start the week with greater comfort and efficiency of movement. Suitable for pregnant women.
Slow-paced yoga with poses held for comparatively long periods of time. This class is targeted to stretch fascia, the body's connective tissue.
Prepare your mind and body labor and delivery. This class gives expecting moms a chance to nurture themselves in a safe environment. Great for reducing the amount of aches and pains that come with pregnancy. Breath-work will create a calming environment for your baby to grow.
This class gives you the opportunity to slow down, and step outside of the normal stresses of daily life. Restorative yoga uses passive, gravity-based postures to reduce the burden on the nervous system. By engaging your relaxation response, you better able to reach mental and physical equilibrium.
All Levels offers students the opportunity to practice in a multi-level setting. The instructor will offer variations so that students may choose the level of difficulty of depth most appropriate for themselves. An eclectic yoga class, the teacher will sometimes lead a flow style vinyasa (linking movement with breath), other times there will be hatha (the yoga of opposing forces), or yin (more passive poses targeted at stretching the body's connective tissue). Postures are performed mindfully with an emphasis on proper posturing, relaxation, and breathing.
Practiced in a room heated between 95° and 100° F, this class is focused on alignment, stretching and strengthening.
This is not a beginners class, please speak with a staff member before attending. Please come hydrated and bring your own hand towel.
All levels vinyasa offers students the opportunity to practice in a multi-level setting. The instructor will offer variations so that students may choose the level of difficulty of depth most appropriate for themselves. As a vinyasa class, the breath informs when and how to move in each pose.
A very gentle combination of beginning yoga and beginning Tai Chi. This class is great for those who may have compromised balance or range of motion. Chairs are available throughout the entire class.
Yoga Nidra in sanskrit means divine sleep. This is a reclined guided meditation that is known to promote deep brain relaxation states, decrease stress, increase intuition and cognitive functioning. Enhance your well-being and self-healing capacity. 
Join our community in dharma and meditation on the first Thursday evening of each month.
Meditation is a mind and body practice that has a long history of use for increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being. Mind and body practices focus on the interactions among the brain, mind, body, and behavior.

There are many types of meditation, but most have four elements in common: a quiet location with as few distractions as possible; a specific, comfortable posture (sitting, lying down, walking, or in other positions); a focus of attention (a specially chosen word or set of words, an object, or the sensations of the breath); and an open attitude (letting distractions come and go naturally without judging them).

Many studies have investigated meditation for different conditions, and there’s evidence that it may reduce blood pressure as well as symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and flare-ups in people who have had ulcerative colitis. It may ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and may help people with insomnia.

Some research suggests that meditation may physically change the brain and body and could potentially help to improve many health problems and promote healthy behaviors.

Second Monday of the month
Studio 1
7-8 PM
Join Mahak Chaudry from Suji's Indian Grocery for a Free Indian Cooking Demo on the second Monday of every month.
Y12SR is a donation-based relapse prevention program. No online sign-up necessary. Simply arrive 10 minutes early. This class lasts 2 hours. Modeled from the meetings of 12-step programs, the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery is a group sharing circle followed by an intentional, themed yoga class. Visit for FAQs. 
*Donation-based. Join us for this once a month practice where we come together to practice mantra and meditation, two powerful tools for your yogi toolbox. A mantra is a sacred sound or mind wave that vibrates at a higher frequency than most thoughts. Mantras practiced regularly and over time will shift your consciousness. Meditation is the process through which we connect with the present moment and our divinity. A regular meditation practice will greatly benefit your body, mind, and soul. Led by Girijaa  Jessica Jewell.