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Yoga Teacher Training
Register today! Limited spots available. We offer 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Already certified? Become a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with our 300-hour program. Lincoln Yoga Center is Lincoln's longest running Registered Yoga Alliance School and Studio.
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$49 First Month Unlimited. Purchase when you attend your first class. fIRST CLASS IS FReE!
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Upcoming Events

ree Group Meditation

Thursday,  Feb. 7th   
w/ Prem & Nan
7-8PM / Studio 1
first Thursday of each month


Free Indian Cooking Demonstration
Monday, Feb. 11th 
w/ Mahak Chaudhry of Suji
7–8pm / Studio 1
2nd Mondays of each month


Applying Ayurveda
Thursday, Jan. 24th 
w/ Girijaa Jewel
7-8PM / Studio 2
4th  Thursday of each month


Mantra & Meditation
Thursday, Jan. 17th  
w/ Girijaa Jewel
7-8PM / Studio 2
3rd Thursdays

Kid's Yoga Program

Winter Session: Jan. 28 - March 4
Mondays 4:15-5:00PM
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Class Schedule 

Workshops Schedule

Teacher Training


Kid's Yoga Programs
Winter Session: Little Kids (3-6), Kids (4-8) and Tween/Teen (9-15).  Join our Kids Yoga email list to stay up to date on Kids Camp Days and more!
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Belize Retreat : Feb. 2-10, 2019


Take 5 Certification

with Sheila Palmquist
Tuesday, Feb. 12th  6-9pm & Sunday, April 7th 1-4pm
Studio , 1 / $89



Developed and taught by Sheila Palmquist, TAKE 5 was designed to help students, teachers, and parents learn social-emotional skills and deepen relationships.  Tools are taught to self-regulate and navigate the demands of our ever-changing environment. This comprehensive program enables us all to better understand and take control of violence and aggression. This program includes three hours of training. Curriculum manual included. 

TAKE 5 partners with Lincoln Parks & Recreation and select elementary schools to promote mindfulness to children.


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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a classical Indian system dealing with well-being in body, mind, and spirit. By linking physical poses or postures with your breath and awareness you can reduce stress, feel more vital, and gain real physical strength and flexibility.


What should I expect when coming to Lincoln Yoga Center?

When coming to Lincoln Yoga Center you can expect a warm, welcoming, all-inclusive environment. All of our instructors are trained, knowledgeable and qualified to teach all levels and restrictions. If you are new, you’ll need to register at the front desk and our friendly staff will help you get settled and answer any questions you may have. Please allow time to find parking and check in. During your visit, the instructor will lead the class through a sequence of poses and offer breathing directions as well as moments of silence or pause. Beginner classes are slower paced and more educational, focusing on correct posture, alignment, muscle action and movement.


How much does it cost?

At Lincoln Yoga Center we want you to discover yoga without fear or obligation so your first visit with us is free of charge. After you have experienced yoga for the first time, we have many different class and price options and our staff will be happy to help you find something that fits. Throughout the year we also have several free Discover Yoga classes for those who would like to continue learning and practicing yoga but are perhaps on a tighter budget.


What do I need to bring?

All you need is an open mind, a water bottle, and a smile. We provide mats and other props but feel free to bring your own mat if you have one.

What should I wear?

We suggest wearing comfortable, lightweight clothes that are non-restrictive so that you are able to move freely. Shorts, footless tights or leggings are best. Be prepared to practice barefoot.


What are the benefits of yoga?

Physically, yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. Psychologically, yoga helps to cultivate mindfulness by shifting your awareness to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions you experience in the poses. Yoga can help to reduce stress, pain, inflammation, heart rate, blood pressure, depression, anxiety and cravings. Yoga can help manage symptoms of insomnia, MS, arthritis, asthma, PTSD, and addiction. Yoga can also help increase immunity, memory, fertility, emotional balance, energy, and productivity.


What does “Namaste” mean?

While at Lincoln Yoga Center you may hear the word “Namaste”. This gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. ”Nama” means bow, “as” means I, and “te” means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means “I bow to you”. Many have expanded the meaning to "the light within me honors the light within you".


For those wanting to dive deeper…

Yoga can also be an expansive set of teachings and philosophies about how to live a life of purpose, joy and integrity and encourage the evolution of the individual through the development of self-discipline and self-awareness. Some of our more advanced classes are very slow and methodical focusing on a few specific poses, while others will flow and move through poses with less emphasis on each pose, fluidly moving like a dance. Our classes vary depending on focus, cadence and pace. Each individual teacher has their own style, so classes can differ from teacher to teacher.