This Weekend!

Take 5 Teacher Certification


Who: Educators, parents, wellness professionals, community leaders, and anyone interested in guiding youth.
What: Become a certified TAKE 5 Teacher
When: This Sunday, February 25th, 1:00-4:00PM
Where: Lincoln Yoga Center
Why: To teach children to manage stress, and develop interactive positivity, self-awareness and self-responsibility. To learn techniques to self-regulate behavior and emotions. To improve confidence and self-esteem. 


TAKE 5 Program is a social-emotional wellness program designed for young children to find ways to deal with the everyday pressures of life. If you are interested in equipping yourself with the tools we adults can use to guide our children to a calmer self, please come to this TAKE 5 event. Comment below with your questions -- we will happily answer them. If you have been certified in the past, but would like to refresh your knowledge, please contact Sheila at